• Welcome to SHOPPO

    A Global Supply Chain Innovator

  • Who Is SHOPPO


    SHOPPO is a global supply chain innovator dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for worldwide supply chain integration. With our cutting-edge technology and extensive experience, SHOPPO provides tens of millions of products, merchant management systems, logistics, payment, customer service solutions and networking opportunities to help both e-commerce platforms and individual merchants grow businesses.

  • Our Mission


    SHOPPO was founded to empower e-commerce. Our mission is to maximize your market potential by streamlining the supply chain, enhancing product diversity and helping you develop a profitable, scalable business model.



    It is our mission to catalyze the supply chain potential of the local retailer and suppliers to lead the business success.



  • How It Works

    SHOPPO's B2B2C Business model


    Customer Order

    A customer places an order through a local e-commerce platform.


    API Synchronization

    Order information is synced through the SHOPPO system.


    Supplier Connection

    SHOPPO works with thousands of merchants by integrating their ERP systems.


    Order Shipment

    Through SHOPPO, order status and tracking information is synced with the e-commerce platform.


    Customer service

    SHOPPO deals directly with the customer to handle all after-sale service issues.

  • Market Analysis

    Difficulties facing cross-border retail

    Local retailers

    • Policies in the country of suppliers
    • Finding merchant resources in the country of suppliers
    • International logistics
    • Making payments
    • Customer service of the merchandise


    • Trust issues with the platforms
    • Getting to know user interests and trends of products in the place of sale
    • Platform policies
    • Use of management portals of platforms
    • Concerns about logistics
    • Safety concerns of receiving payments
  • What We Sell


    SHOPPO provides over tens of millions of diverse products in different price ranges and categories, with bestsellers in cosmetic tools, electronic items, home decor and fashion. Anyone can find something they'll absolutely love through the SHOPPO, and our product selection will only increase as we continue to expand.


    SHOPPO also tailors special product requests to meet your platform’s needs. Tell us what you are looking for, and SHOPPO will find it with our network of thousands of merchants.

  • What Else We Provide

    SHOPPO provides total retail solutions

    - Supplier Management -

    Over thousands of suppliers ;

    From China, Japan, Korea and SEA ;

    They are global (or domestic) trading companies, manufacturers, and brands ;

    The number of suppliers runs an annual sales of millions of US dollars in China.

    - Technological Solutions -

    SHOPPO leverages big data to optimize all aspects of cross-border retail.

    - Logistic Solutions -

    Partner with China Post for cost-effective global delivery ;

    Work with EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx ;

    Partner with members of Universal Postal Union ;

    - Payment solution -

    SHOPPO supports all major currencies.

    - Customer Service -

    SHOPPO provides after-sale customer service.

    - Insurance and loans -

    SHOPPO provides Insurance and loans to our suppliers.


  • Why SHOPPO

    Extensive experience in cross-border retail industry

    Massive supplier resources and ful product category coverage

    World-class engineering team and background

    Efficient global logistics infrastructure. Secure payment solutions for all major currencies and customer service

    Solid support from the Chinese government with privileges in cross-border business like customs, taxes and logistics.

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    For all inquiries, please contact us

    Our team is based in Shanghai, New York, San Francisco and Portland